SR versus SR!


The file name “SR” has been used in so many places with different meanings that it can get confusing.

The University of Arizona developed a programming language for Synchronizing Resources and named it SR.

Funduc’s and InfoRapid’s Search-and-Replace and Bayden Systems’ SlickRun all install applications named SR.EXE, but theirs don’t do the same thing as the one featured here.

Because of this, the Binary Filters installer also creates another copy of its SR.EXE, renamed to SR!.EXE in case you already had one these other applications installed.  If you do, just delete SR.EXE from your Binary Filters installation folder and use SR! in your filter commands, instead of SR.

The 11 other filters installed by the Binary Filters installer will not be confused with other applications with the same name.


– Gareth B. Dolby




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